BuniOS: Fast and simple, Web or Native.

BuniOS is an open, low hassle alternative to the current smart device OS options out there today. Designed to support joyful development with grace and longevity, BuniOS is built on solid, well-supported, open source technologies like AOSP and Crosswalk.

With BuniOS, Web applications and APKs run side by side as first class citizens with no discernible difference to the user. You are free to pick the approach that meets your specific purpose best. For web apps, Crosswalk provides world class frame rates and Web APIs build on top of a proven Chromium base layer. We have extended those APIs in BuniOS to give you unprecedented access to the underlying device.

Because we build on top of AOSP, BuniOS is also extremely portable. This just might be the web based environment you have been waiting for on devices. Get in touch if you want early access or just want to help!