It's happening now: preorder a Runcible of your very own today!

[ Glass ]
Scratch and shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass
[ Touch Panel ]
Touch Panel
[ Screen ]
640x640, 256ppi, fully round screen
[ Battery ]
950 mAh battery
[ Collar ]
Metal, slightly raised edges protect the screen when face-down
[ Mid-frame ]
Structure and attachment points for the main board
[ Carrier Board ]
Extensible with exposed GPIO, USB host, etc
[ Module ]
Quad core, ARM® Cortex® A53 (64bit, 1.2GHz) module
[ Bottom Ring ]
Spacing and stability, additional anchor pont for add-ons
[ Back Ring ]
Lens Protector
[ Back ]
Recycled ocean plastic or exotic materials!

For a deeper dive, visit the campaign page which also has additional video, pictures and lots of information!

Runcible Babbage
The Babbage model is designed for the stylish experimenter and for the early adopter alike. This is a full-spec Runcible brain with a durable, organic feeling back made from reclaimed ocean plastic fished out of the Great Pacific Plastic Island.

Shipping in September, 2016

Runcible Lovelace
The limited edition Lovelace model is designed for the Aficionado. This is a full-spec Runcible brain with an iconic, unique, solid wood back made from local, sustainably harvested madrone wood in Mendocino County, California.

Shipping in September, 2016

Runcible is a new category of personal electronic which occupies a space between a traditional mobile phone and a wearable device. Featuring a first-of-its-kind fully round screen and a palm-sized form factor, Runcible is modeled on devices humans have carried around with them and loved for hundreds or thousands of years: the pocket watch, the compact, the compass, the magical stone in your hand.

Runcible is designed to help you create a more civilized relationship with your Digital Life. Runcible will never beep, alert, or otherwise interrupt you. The world-class connectivity we all came to expect in the smartphone era (LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth) is there on Runcible when you need it. For the rest of the time, you can keep your head up, your attention on the real world and real people around you, and maintain your sense of wonder about life. Just as the truth about time is available on a legacy timepiece, Runcible distills your Digital Life for you in clean, quiet, glanceable ways. Beautifully designed and built to last, Runcible is the premier device for the post-smartphone era.